dragon fruit

  1. J

    Question Red spots on Dragon Fruit plant

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this question on behalf of my father who is unsure how to use forums. My father lives in Perth, Western Australia and is growing a Dragon Fruit plant. He would like to know what the red spots on the plant is, and if it is any cause for concern. Hopefully the photo is...
  2. M

    Question Dragon Fruit fungal and plant care help

    Hello All, Two years ago my boyfriend and I acquired a Dragon fruit plant from a neighbor. As we are both unfamiliar with the plant, I let my boyfriend do what he wanted. With that said, I am looking at the plant and telling myself that the plant is crowded and needs a really good "haircut"...
  3. Belinda Acott

    Hello from Sussundenga

    Hi Everyone. I'm Belinda from Sussundenga, Moçambique. I need some help please. Busy growing Dragon Fruit. I purchased seeds online and have managed to get them all to germinate. Woohoo Me :) I tried all four methods suggested on YouTube. But now I need help and advice please. When and how do I...
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