1. C

    My Sub 15 minutes garden and growing plan, Feedback would be much appreciated!

    Hey all, Let me preface this video by stating I'm maybe a month into the practice of gardening and my research so far has been a lot of starting with SSM videos and going from there and researching individual things on some corner of the internet and then experimenting. I'm a little self...
  2. Mandy Onderwater

    Turn Kitchen Scraps into Compost in Just 90 minutes | Nagual Review

    What are your thoughts on the Nagual? No smell, no noise, easy to compost down. Even the chickens seem to love it! In what ways have you been utilising your kitchen scraps in your garden? Let me know down below.
  3. Weale

    fresh chicken manure- how to use it?

    Hi folks, I was given some fresh chicken manure today from a friend, and he said I can use it as a fertiliser for my plants. I've never used fresh manure before and know that they can potentially harm my plants if directly buried under my plants. However, I don't have the space for composting...
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