Wood chip mulch


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Oct 12, 2020
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It didn’t occur to me to take an image of the ”before” pile. We get a lot of wind, so there’s often enough downed branches and trees that aren’t part of a “forest” have a tough life on the Manitoba prairie. Anyway, yesterday was a beautiful day to be out at our acreage (sunny, about 15 degrees C), so I took the snow blower off the tractor (even though we have a dump of snow predicted over the next couple days) and broke out the DR chipper/shredder and Stihl chainsaw to eliminate a pile of brush that has been accumulating for a couple of years. My DR is limited to 2” material for chipping, so I’d previously been through with the chainsaw to cut up the bigger stuff into firewood length for our fire pit (and some of that material made its way into the new raised planters). I now have a bunch of wood chip in the back of the truck that will be used primarily for mulch. If I have too much for the city beds, I can take some back out to the country to mulch in the orchard.

I wanted to clear up this pile in particular. Local sources are out for spring, but I want to get native tall grass prairie seed for this area. So, this spring / summer I will use the tractor and cultivator to keep on top of the weeds / grasses and measure the area so I can order an appropriate amount of seed.