Where to find secondhand material to build trellises and tunnels


Jan 5, 2021
Glenwood Qld
I want to build a tunnel like the one made by Mark for his loofahs and pumpkins. I would prefer to use secondhand materials. What should I be searching for on eBay or Gumtree?
G'day @Bessiejan , welcome to the forum!

I've had luck finding materials in tip shops. From time to time I also find things of interest on Facebook marketplace. I prefer sourcing my materials locally where I can.
The main issue with finding the materials online were the delivery costs.

You might want to look for reinforcing mesh, corrugated iron sheeting, galvanised threaded rods, wire, pvc piping, and so on. It may depend on what design and size you are aiming to go for.

Mark has a video on what he used to build his tunnel trellis, which might be worth a shot to see what materials he used.

Mandy, thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate the info and will be haunting tip shops, yard sales etc to collect what I need. 😸
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