what a difference a bit of humidity makes!!


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HI everyone, I hope you all are having/have had a lovely time over the Christmas/New Year break!!
This year, I managed to get a quick trip in to visit some family in Brisbane and have just got back. I've been before to see them at different places in Queensland but this is the first time that I got to enjoy a bit of gardening with them :cheer:, we went to Bunnings and I got my sister an orchid for her birthday along with some flowering things for my brother in laws native bees. They rent and so have never really gotten into growing things before. We browsed quite a bit and found the discounted plant section where we picked out quite a few plants - mostly guided by the picture of the flowers because the plants were kind of...... spent?!. So, we take these all back to their place, along with some potting mix and pots of various sizes and I got to spend some time transplanting :D which I thoroughly enjoyed!! What amazed me most was that, the little struggling plants that we got on clearance showed a marked improvement once the had been re potted. This NEVER happens here in South Australia - plants always wilt and droop after being messed around with and take up to a week to recover or even get to the stage where I can tell if they even will recover. WOW, not so over in Brisbane, re potted, watered and a little bit of fertilizer and these plants almost pushed up new growth as I was watching them!! I thought I was imagining it but the next day when I went to look, they were all sitting happily in their pots with new buds forming and all. I couldn't believe it!! WOW and WOW again!!
Is that normal?? It must be because there was more moisture in the air? It's the only thing I can think of. I did exactly the same to those plants as I would have done here.
Everything here is so dry, while I was away, my family looked after the garden and managed to keep it alive but I did have to let them know that everything needed MORE water. It's something I've had to re-learn this year, if I think I've given a plant enough, I just give it the same again and then it seems to do ok. I've been transitioning my garden into pots because not much manages to get established in the ground here, not only is it dry, we get a fierce wind ripping through out place as we are surrounded by cropping country and hubby doesn't want fences or anything!
Anyone lived in both types of climates and noticed the same thing???


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Spring can be very dry but once the rains start then yeah everything goes bananas. Including the weeds and pests... and snakes in the chook pen! Very lucky this year with the rain already.
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