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    What is wellbeing? One persons being well may not be anothers. It is an all-encompassing phrase. A misnomer. What contributes to ones wellbeing may well indeed compromise the wellbeing of another.
    The word has been misrepresented by popular culture. The politics of well-meaning, yet narrow-viewed interperators. If the TGA approves it, then it must be alright...... Like Thalidomide? Like Agent Orange? Preservatives, colour and flavour enhancers??????
    Oh yes people, you can trust the guvment....................to screw you and murder you at the same time! Hook you on nicotine, then bleed you dry! Tax yer beer! That's downright homocide in my opinion!
    So that's their understanding of wellbeing, is it? Flood the market with imported stuff and we don't need industry in Australia anyway??
    Concentrate on your diet. Your fastidious choices in the supermarket ensure the money you spend is pissed away by another politicians expense account, or sent overseas.
    Stuff-'em all.
    All the experts. Political, scientific, and capitalist. The CSIRO however do an excellent job.
    Wellbeing will never be achieved by physical exercise anymore than it will be achieved by abstinence.
    In a capitalist society corruption will always ace integrity.
    It is the human condition to take the easy path.
    Yet sometimes it is the hard path that broadens the mind, hardens the spirit, and enforces the body.
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    Without looking at a dictionary wellbeing to me means: a healthy state of mind when a person is coping well enough to withstand daily stressors of life influenced either emotionally or physically. Mental health. 99% of the time mental wellbeing is directly linked to a healthy body, which is why eating good and exercise (whatever form - even mental) often goes hand-in-hand with well-being. That's just my opinion...
    Yep, agree!
    I'm glad you like the CSIRO cause my brother is a scientist with them :D (He got the brains and I got the brawn).
    Physical exercise does help mental wellbeing (generally) there's lots of evidence to support this notion.
    There's something very true about this and I do think it is good for us all to take the hard road occasionally; especially when you are younger, too many people these days get into their 20's and 30's and are suddenly unprepared for life's curveballs due to earlier helicopter parenting and nanny statism.
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