Weeds as Friends

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    Weeds, Guardians of the Soil.

    40yrs ago I was told this book would save the world's agronomy complaints.
    No-one took notice. Now we have a chemical soup to eat from. Those of us who follow more organic gardening and farming techniques can benefit immensly from this book.

    This particular link goes to the Connecticut online library. Unfortunately its the original old English version of the book so there's a lot of reading to get to the point.
    But for those who care to take the time its as good as reading any novel and you'll learn far more!

    Each of the chapters listed at the beginning above the preface is a new link.

    Chapter 4 tells the story of sucsession planting by weeds for the benefit of the soil. Each generation of weeds holds different species adding to the spectrum of minerals and trace elements. In time they form a complete balance through the topsoil profile and even down into the subsoil in some instances. This is the renouned soil in which anything will grow.

    Chapters 3&5 tell about how the roots hold the key for the soil biom to exist. The author didn't know the term 'biom' meaning bio metrics. It hadn't been coined at that time, nor had the scientists looked closely enough to understand the relationship between fungi, bacteria and plant roots.

    Chapter 12 is important to Australians because it introduces us to the original concept built upon by Peter Andrews for his highly important ground water conversation processes in creek and riparian management.
    However the principles can be down scaled to suit even a municipal backyard.

    It is also the foundation work for the very important berm and swale method found in permaculture and Contour Farming.

    As we know, Permaculture is an Australian invention taken to the world by Bill Mollison.

    All of the concepts here can be scaled down to suit any sized house yard or scaled up to suit any farm.
    Happy reading, folks! :readit::twothumbsup:

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