Using Aquarium Water for Garden

Jul 26, 2019
Temperate (all seasons)
I actually have a large turtle tank, and I am wondering if anyone has watered their veggie garden with it. I have not heard too much about turtle water/filter waste to ‘fertilize’ a veggie garden. Turtle water has similar benefits to a fish tank, but they are much messier when compared to a fish tank. Tested the pH, nitrates etc. and they are at acceptable ranges. I am thinking possibly using a 50:50 dilution?

I also posted this under the hydroponics topic in case it was the wrong section, sorry for the spamming!

New here, love the videos lots of great info. Thanks for any input.


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Sep 27, 2015
Pomona, Qld
Hi Johnny and welcome.

When I had aquariums I used the change water on my garden beds but sometimes found it didn't do the amount of good I expected.

Probably due to needing to add various ph amendments or maybe occasional Condy's Crystals, gentian green or blue or violet all of which are forms of mineral for fungal control mostly.
Which reminds me that those types of additives not only kill fungal infections in the tank but also kill fungus in the soil once used as a water source.
That's good and bad fungus equally.
Much like the use of intestinal wormers in animals, once pooped out continue to kill worms such as earth worms, good and bad nametodes, etc in the soil or compost.

So your idea of 50/50 is good thinking to be safe despite all the info about aquaponics.
Also not to make it the sole source of water for that garden bed or container.
Rather like using grey water, it should be rotated with plain fresh water.