Trellzilla - when is a trellis too big?

Green fried tomatoes (not southern style)

2 - 3 large Green tomatoes :hysterical:
Tempura batter - 1 mixture as per instructions on packaging
Optional - 1tbs gochugaru (korean pepper flakes)
Optional 2 - corn meal to dip after tempura

I like to use fizzy water out of the sodastream in place of regular water as per directions

Slice tomatoes at desired thickness but limit to 0.5cm for my preference. Mix batter and keep cold.

Fry at 180°c in small batches or per instruction on tempura batter, pull out when deliciously golden, salt ASAP and LET COOL before tucking in!

Good dipping is Mayo with gochugaru flakes

I may have to give this a try...we haven't done a lot of FGT but a number of years back we had a bunch that needed to be brought in before frost so thought we'd try as well as making relish. We just fried them up with some onions in oil / butter and quite enjoyed them.
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