The REALITY of Maintaining a LARGE Food Garden

Grandmother Goose

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Jun 30, 2021
Broken Hill NSW
Arid, Desert, or Dry
Marks' latest video, and leave it to him to bring brutal reality to our screens. A big green thumbs up for this one.

I believe this is one of the most important gardening videos Mark has created so far. A lot of gardening information out there is about growing well, growing more, featuring neat and perfect looking gardens, and they make it seem like a few minutes of light work each day and you too can have a large beautiful garden! That's great, but the reality is that eventually everyone ends up in a situation where things don't go according to plan. Life gets busy, the weather turns foul, we get sick, all manner of things can happen, and the garden gets neglected. What happens when that happens? Some people give up because it got too much for them, because they got the wrong impression about how easy it would always be. Knowing what you're getting into; the good, the busy, and the extremely overgrown; is very important.

What's the most trouble your garden has gotten into when you've had to be away from it for a while? I'm sure we've all got some stories to tell, I know I do!
Oh those bloody marchflies. We get loads of them here too and they love pestering us, the dog and even the poor cows!
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