Thanks "self sufficient me"

Mar 21, 2021
it's easy to get dismayed and discouraged when working at gardening or raising animals on any scale. And since the lot/property we ended up with is tiny and has horrible clay soil that is everything awful, I feel inspired and encouraged to give it a whirl. I feel even that I should plant fruit trees. I feel that small scale or just small container garden is worthy of my time, effort & attention. I am achy for acreage as "self sufficient me" Mark and his family have. But am enthralled with his wisdom to just get into it.
I'd love to see him have small breed of hog/pigs help amend his clay soil.
I shared these videos with family they are excited also.
Mark's story, which I just read today for the first time really shocked me, and is just such a boost of encouragement for me to try even harder to launch my family towards garden beds and good thing from the plentiful earth by the work of our own hands. And allow my children to appreciate everything they eat on a whole new level.
The wanna, the need to... I just gotta.
Tomatoes, peppers... are gonna hit the ground first.
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Oct 12, 2020
Cold, Cool, Mountains, or Artic

If you’re interested in growing fruit in small spaces, I just happened across videos today on the topic of backyard orchard culture. It’s an idea of closer planting and pruning for small size. It makes sense that a back yard fruit grower has different needs than a commercial grower, so a different approach is warranted. Dave Wilson Nursery in California is one of the sources of videos on YouTube that I came across.

Good luck.