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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Any ideas or tips for swapping, selling, giveaways, and wanted items etc can be collected in this thread.

Chris @armysnail had this idea

Reply paid postage for seed

Maybe if we use self return mail from the start it would stop abuse. If I want your seed I send you a letter with a reply paid envelope. That way your only expense is time.
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About trading organic matter with Western Australia: this state has strict quarantine laws prohibiting the import of seeds etc from interstate or overseas - please be mindful. I believe trading within the state is OK... If someone from WA would like to confirm that rule feel free to or elaborate further.
Yes Mark that is correct, there is super strict quarantine laws regarding plant material in WA and Tassie.

There is a quarantine fee I believe, as well as a long list of stuff we aren't allowed over here.
Nothing like finding something you want in a seed or plant catalogue, only to see except WA.:mad:
Reply paid is the fairest.
regards john
Hi John. I just don't get it. We here in SA are the only fruit-fly-free state, yet don't have the quarantine restrictions you have. Do you know what the other high-risks are that are trying to keep out. If any? Maybe just Easterners disease???? SA does not have Phylloxera either. They would do well to quarantine against Eastern-style political aspirations, but it's probably too late. As that incurable disease has already got there.:crazy:Maybe it's Banana-bending-disease?:hysterical:Bloody Queenslanders, Eh Mark!
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Maybe it's Banana-bending-disease?Bloody Queenslanders, Eh Mark!
Give it 20 years and all you southern states will be migrating up here... ;)

True though, you can't get fruit fly from a packet of seeds - I really think the quarantine laws in WA and TAS are way too strict. I even got tomato seeds sent to me here in QLD from the USA - no problem!
I got tobacco leaves from the US a few years ago. They intercepted the next shipment. To add insult to injury they wanted me to pay tax-on weight for the packaging as well!! From memory it was $1800 tax on 2lbs tobacco and 1.4 lbs of cardboard!!! It was enough to make about 2 cartons of durries. I sent an email to the head :censored: at customs, telling him they were putting their finger in the ****, so in return I give them the finger. Hypocracy, beaurocracy and bull**** all. If this hypocritical yet nannyist government were serious about smokings health effects, the first thing they would do is take baccy off the shelves and put it on the PBS.
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The TGA control both the medicinal and poisonous substances, therefore their bureaucratic BS should include both in the PBS.
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Same as Child support. I pay for my daughter, yet don't get to see her. Me taking out a court order, and my ex defying it will only get her a slap on the wrist. The government system is ALL WRONG. Nannyist yet hypocritical. " Do as I say, not as I do" . Line 'em all up against the wall, I say again.
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I think it's a little bit over protective for WA and Tas to have such strong seed postage laws.

If we get this section going (enough interest) I'll tidy it up a bit and structure this section better. Perhaps with some predefined fields etc.
What tomatoes have ya got in Mary? Two of my giant tree tomatoes are booming!:) Yellow stuffers are coming along good, as with yellow and purple cherries, and pineapples. Black Russians and Hillbillies not-so-good-yet. Romas and store-bought tomato seeds are now fruiting. Tree Spinach and carrots have bolted due to planting time, and an odd Wong Bok and lettuce. The pubs are sick of Rats-tail radishes, so I'm just going to let them go now and collect the seed.
Great selection Mary. Gotta give all the varieties you can a chance if your gonna find one(s) that booms in your pozzy.:). I'm sure my Potato-leaved tree tomatoes are my best by far, but a slower variety may yet surprise me. I was pinning my hopes on the Hillbillies, but the Pineapples are better. Just put some Kale chips in the dehydrator -2 different spice mixes - we'll see.......I got just under 18L of (40%)scotch out my 45L distill, kept 2L aside and put Carob pods in it instead of backset and oak chips. (It came out at 92-86%[just under 8L strong spirit] ):cheers:
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