Something fun my son and I got up to whilst I was away from this forum.

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Jun 30, 2021
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To cut a long story short, my son was going through a bit of a rough time for quite a while, which is part of why I haven't been active here (I did quietly pop by now and then to read a bit, but didn't log in) and I needed something new to do with him. He loves watching videos including on YouTube, so we made some YouTube videos about gardening. I had hoped that he would want to keep doing it, but alas he lost interest pretty quickly, but it was fun whilst it lasted. We used an ancient little digital camera that was once a slightly higher than average quality almost 20 years ago, but is truly sad compared to modern cameras of today. The first video we made was scripted by both of us, the second one was ad libbed, and the short was a funny little interaction about the peach tree that was edited out of the second video. My son was astounded at how I could video him in his room on one day, then take him for a bushwalk the next day and film that, then piece them together onto one video. Sadly, not only have we not made any more videos together, but I haven't had much chance to do much in the garden either and it's fallen into a state of chaos.

Anyway, seeing as he's not interested, and he's doing better now, thus freeing up a bit more of my time and attention, I plan on getting back into the garden and doing all sorts of new and interesting things with it. I was wondering, should I save up and get a better camera and just make videos about my gardening antics myself - and hope maybe my son decides to get back into if it he sees me doing them by myself - or should I stick to my day job?

Here's the channel, take it with a sense of humour, we laugh at ourselves all the time, you probably should to!

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