Shade cloth and chemical leech??


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Apr 9, 2022
Looking to add some shade cloth to my garden over the summer months here in Florida and noticed most varieties are some sort of plastic. Does anyone else worry about chemicals leeching from the cloth into your garden? BPA and other nasties?
I've never had anyone really say anything about issues regarding shadecloth, but that is a fair thought. Best thing I could recommend is using some high quality greenhouse shadecloth. I'm not sure if it leeches anything though, hopefully a more knowledgeable someone could tell us this.
thanks for the input. haven't thought about that... But as all plastic leaks at some point something I'm sure it does. You can see it with cheap greenhouse tarp... after 3 years ore so it gets porous and starts braking, the more expensive stuff holds up to 20 years... so transferring that info onto shadecloth: I would go with the same suggestion. cheap stuff leaks more and faster than the more expensive stuff🤔

But thinking about that NOW... maybe it could all be avoided in useing Yute instead of plastic 🤔 If it'S not too tighly woven it technically should do the same job. plus it is compostable once u can't use it anymore. haven't had a look into stores that sell them or prices, but... wel there's the idea.
What about a wood frame with 2x4’s across the top but leave a 4” gap between each 2x4? This should be the same as a 50% shade cloth right?
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