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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
@armysnail came up with the idea of creating a seed swap forum and @Johnm64 requested it be expanded to other items so here it is!

I personally like the idea of having a swap or mini-trade section here on SSC and it certainly can't hurt anyway - let's see how it goes.

Using this forum members can post items for sale, to swap, to giveaway for free, or to request (wanted), by interacting with other SSC members.

This forum is pretty much self explanatory but here are a few guidelines (subject to change):
  1. Keeping it simple - For now, let's just stick to the current forum platform. If in the future this section become more popular we may add some custom fields to uniform the threads and also a reputation system whereby members can be rated by their peers.
  2. Thread Prefixes - When a member starts a thread in this section with the view to making a listing they should select either SELL, SWAP, FREE or WANTED from the prefix drop down box next to the thread title and this will show other members browsing this forum the intention of the thread. (Note this thread has no prefix because I am not selling, swapping, giving away, or wanting anything). If a member wishes to withdraw their listing they can send me a PC (personal conversation) and I will CLOSE the thread.
  3. Deals - Exchanging of items between members should happen like this: member starts a SELL, SWAP, FREE, or WANTED thread and clearly details their intention>> other member replies to the thread and both parties publicly discuss the deal >> if a deal is made they can exchange the final details such as postal addresses via our personal conversations feature or email.
  4. Liability - SSC has no control or responsibility for any personal agreements made between members. Selling, swapping, or giving away items are private deals done between forum members. It is up to you to ensure you do not deal with anyone you do not trust.
  5. Privacy - Private details such as home addresses or emails should not be displayed publicly please use our PC system or private email to send sensitive details between members.
  6. Closing offers - Threads offering for sale, swapping, free, or wanted can all be closed on request to staff (me). Expired threads will be closed as required.
Other points about this forum

Other forum subjects - You can use this forum for other discussions about seeds etc or to ask general questions (just don't use a prefix).

Postal restrictions - If you need to post seeds to forum members residing O/S or interstate please be aware of applicable quarantine laws as some jurisdictions do not allow the importation of seeds.

Software upgrades - If this section becomes more popular, specific classifieds software can easily be added to SSC in the future.
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