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    30years ago I bought a wonderful and expensive sewing machine and over the years I've maintained it perfectly.
    But when I got it back from the latest service, there was a note attached telling me certain parts were on their last legs and couldn't be replaced.

    Well, sadly its time has come:(

    I also had my mother's similar aged sewing machine, and it also has the same issues.
    I rang the service lady to ask if she wanted them for spare parts.

    She told me of a 2fold service they provide.

    First is where they get the heavier old machines, make them safe by removing knobs, needle, etc and setting them up in old aged people's nursing homes, dementia wards and similar for the old ladies to fiddle with. Apparently keeps them occupied for hours.

    The other machines they keep in a special workshop and autistic or handicapped people come in and play with them. They are given a screwdriver to go their hardest to pull the machines apart which also keeps those people occupied for hours too.

    So if you have an old sewing machine, before throwing it out, ring the repair people because perhaps they can give it a second and very useful life.

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