Rainy Garden Showoff 2

Mandy Onderwater

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Jun 17, 2021
Mackay area, QLD Australia
My garden has struggled through me going on a 3 week holiday and now lots and lots of rain. This is what's still growing.
Pardon the weeds, it's too wet to mow.

Lemon balm and 2 pots of chives

Rosemary and more lemon balm

My pot of chives that gets full sun every day.

My first successful batch of passionfruit seedlings. I've harvested the seeds from a plant that grew on it's own in the garden.
The green and pink is set ready to build my own trellis for these seedlings. Progress had been halted as there was a birds nest on it. (And I now notice there is some Guinea grass growing in the pot that needs eradicating).

Granddad's fern and maidenhair that suffered during my holiday. It's growing new leaves and looking much better than a couple weeks ago.
In the background you see me regrowing some supermarket bought celery.

Rescued a stem with two tiny leaves on it from Bunnings. It's really starting to grow into being it's own little plant.

More leaves I rescued from Bunnings. It used to be the damaged leaf on one stem, and a sickly looking one on another. It's grown over 6 new leaves.

My orchid I got from my birthday. It's bloomed twice, but now it's growing new leaves :D

All my pots that get almost full-sun. Sadly most of my strawberry plants died. It's been a struggle to keep the last one alive and I'm unsure what's wrong with it.

My lemonade tree. It's being pestered by grasshoppers, as you can tell.
It's been fruiting for months now, hopefully they'll ripen soon.

My pineapple plant that was left from my pineapple growing ventures. It's sprouted 2 new heads. This is all new territory to me, but I'm enjoying it greatly.

Regrowing supermarket-bought celery

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Do note, I did not photograph all plants. I skipped my tables (including one strawberry plant and my aloe vera's). I also didn't photograph my indoor plants this time, but "most" of them are still alive and thriving :D
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