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Sep 1, 2021
Cold, Cool, Mountains, or Artic
Hello All:
Desperately waiting for spring here in MT. I am writing to ask about pumps. I have a small incline to reach my vegetable garden. It's length is about 60ft at a small angle. I can get the water up to the top, but then I have to move the water another 40 feet along the flat land to the garden. I am wondering if anyone here can shed some light on small portable pumps I might use. When they see me walk into the plumbing shop everything is suddenly 800 or 900$. I was hoping to maybe find something secondhand. Some have suggested 55-gallon water barrels, but I am not sure how that would work. Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks!

Sorry, the pumps we use aren't particularly portable... far too heavy! Maybe someone else on here 🤔

The waterbarrels, when placed at the top of the incline, could literally gravity feed the water through; that way you don't even have any electricity costs.
Why wouldn't the barrels work? If it's flat you can fill them and the gravity would bring them.

If you want a pump from the very bottom you can try a sump pump. It's usually cheaper with the best lift ratings. I have some from harbor freight that have lasted about 5 years so far and they were I think $110 back in the day

https://www.harborfreight.com/plumbing/pumps/sump-pumps.html loooks like they still have similar ones. Mine are all black but that $89 green color 1/3rd horse power one is pretty similar

What is your lift? That $89 one from what I can tell is the same one, it has 25 foot lift. The $199 has a 40ft lift never used it but look like they only have one brand.

Anyway the $64 one is plenty portable, the $89 is only 10lbs and even the $199 is only 38lbs so not sure what you consider portable.

Only down side to sump pumps if of course you need to have a bucket of water that they're in to feed the water, and buckets of water freeze.
one question is how much in volume of water do you need to move and in how many gallons / liter per hr flow, you can get small solar pumps that will for 410 /1553L an hour at additional 10.5 feet head height so over flat ground or minor raise or distance they work ok but as snack cannon says gravity let nature handle it
Thank you both so much! I really appreciate your knowledge. I will take some quiet time in January to try to figure the amount of water needed and let you know what I come up with! In the meantime

Happy Holidays to all!
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