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Discussion in 'Other' started by Troy, Mar 21, 2020.

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    Hey Guys N Gals,

    I purchased a couple of Prunus Mume from eBay (came from Brisbane area) late last year with the intention of making a Japanese garden. Eventually, the idea was to try and make my own Umeshu as my wife and I love it.

    Due to circumstances I plan to keep them in their pots for longer than intended, recently they have been shooting from everywhere... I would love some advice on how to prune them back. Any large cuttings I would like to try and propagate.
    20200320_170351.jpg 20200320_170544.jpg 20200320_170358.jpg
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    Hi there Troy. I was just checking Daleys to see if it might be a grafted variety.
    There is a whole forum thread for this tree.

    If it's grafted then it's important to remove all the shoots all the way up the stem.
    The tree will have been shaped before mailing it to you. It's very important to keep that training in place otherwise you won't get that lovely draped shape.

    I would prune off all lower branches anyway. You want to keep the 'standard' (long leafless stem)shape so it grows tall & straight, then branching prolifically from the top to create the cascading appearance.
    You might have to reprune the roots if you want it to stay in that sized pot, otherwise pot up to next size.
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