Prong Tool, where to buy?


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Mar 15, 2023
Ozark Mountains, USA. Zone 6b
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Hello; We have seen the Prong tool that was advertised on the Self Sufficient website (pic enclosed) and we wish to purchase it - however cannot find the correct place to order, can anyone help? We are in the States, I’m assuming that it could be shipped to us, as least we hope so? Our soil is full of rocks, we live on a rocky mountain and do think that the Prong would be a great tool for the both of us and will prolly want two if we can order it? Thank you!
Prong Tool, where to buy?
I'm sad to inform you that the prong is currently unavailable. Covid-19 and the increased costs of, well, everything, made it impossible for the producer to keep making them. We all hope that one day he'll get back into it, but I don't think it'll happen anytime soon, sadly. Especially as the producer has recently deleted his website.
You can keep up with it on his Facebook;
Thank you for your answer, that is sad but I do understand. I’m disappointed, hope he does sell them again one of these days, it’s a great invention! Have a great evening :)
We decided to try and make one, both my husband and myself have worked on boats-ships so with our background with welding and such we think we may be able to make something like it. Had rather purchase some but since we can’t maybe this will work - if so I’ll post pic’s! As it stands now, we have to use pick’s to get through the rocks in our yard, takes an hour to dig a hole for a gallon size plant!
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