Practicle Homesteading, starting out

SVCF Simon

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Aug 4, 2022
Temperate (all seasons)
I have been building a nest egg by driving milk tankers, and raising cattle for beef,
I started driving trucks before covid doing on farm calf buying for a livestock transporter and personal fitness training,
covid put a stop to the fitness training, so I got a job driving milk tankers as a casual driver doing about 55 hours a week, and raised some calves to agist on farm land near-by,
I now have 20 steers on a 50 acres lease with agistment for 15 steers that will be taken away near the end of August, the property has a creek running through it,
I need to improve the water storage for when the summer comes as the property does not have any water troughs installed yet, I am trying to decide how to capture water from a feeder stream, and direct the water to a pump and then to a water tank on a high point so I can gravity feed my troughs to where ever I put them as needed,
I have been following the methods used by Greg Judy, and Joel Salatin etc,
I hope to build my nest egg up so I can buy a 100 or more acres later,
everything I have is to be portable or can be removed when I find a property to buy


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Mandy Onderwater

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Jun 17, 2021
Mackay area, QLD Australia
Welcome to the forum @SVCF Simon .

We have a similar stream of water. It's the main source of water for our two pet cows; though it will at times dry out if there's drought for weeks on end. When that happens we have a water pump to pump water from below the ground. If we get really desperate we do have one large rain catcher.
You could possibly put a pump attached to a floater in your troughs. We used to have one that was gravity fed; if the water went below a certain level, the valve would open and allow water in.

I hope you'll enjoy the forum!
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