Potatoes and Peas


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Oct 21, 2022
Delitzsch, Germany
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Hi everyone!

I've stumbled upon something of a mystery (at least for me).
I#ve ben searching and reading up on mixed culture (like the three sisters) for some time now mainly on the internet and come across several mentions of "Potatoes and beans are great neighbors" but also "Potatoes and Peas don't do well together". Some other sites say that Peas and Potatoes do work and now I'm a bit confused. I thought that beans and peas are from the same leguminose family, and thought therefore they would both do great with potatoes... 🤔 And I've searched (the german available sites, to exhausted a.t.m. to search myriards of eglish results as well) for an article explaining WHY Peas and Potatoes shouldn't work but they just state THAT and not WHY...

So.... I thought maybe someone on this Forum can bring me some kind of enlightenment to me. Please? I'm just so confused with these info, beacause originally I planned to plant Potatoes with peas in one bed and Potatoes with beans (different types) in two others... but now I might have to change all planns (because I don't need too many beans (goddammit 🙈)

I'm also quite buisy with work, and the nursury is closed due to staff being sick (15 out of 16 plus all 5 trainees 🙄🙈) plus my fiancè has acute problems with his workplace and is thinking about leaving to another imployer...

But nonetheless it's planned to plant most Potatoes on Sunday. Will update my other threat thereafter as well. Would be nice to get some knowledge/input regarding the potatoe-pea theme until then.
doesn't need to be all academical... If you've planted the combo before and have or haven't got problems with it i'd like to hear too.

Love you guys
As far as I know legumes and potatoes go really well together, as legumes provide the much needed nitrogen to the soil. I think potatoes also deter a certain beetle from eating your legumes, so it's a win-win.
I'm not sure why places would state that they would not work.

Oh no! I hope they all recover soon. That seems very hectic!
I hope your wife's workplace problems die out, or that she finds somewhere else that suits better. Fingers crossed!
Just plant one batch of potatoes with peas and the other with beans, observe which ones do better at harvest and repeat the more beneficial co-planting next year.

PS: the internet and academia is full of plagiarists who copy one another and no-one cites any original research, observations or deductions. Sometimes if you want to know something, ya gotta do the original observations yourself!
I plant peas with potato. havent had issues. my peas go in the back with a trellis and the potatoes go under trellis about a foot from the peas. they always seem to respect eath others space.
Hope yours grow well!
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