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Feb 17, 2023
Hi Mark, Bill Murray here from Kilkivan. Mark i live about two hours as the crow fly's from your place. Im recently retired and have taken up veggie gardening my question is i have trouble working out what and when to grow as we have the same climate i was wondering if you had a planting calendar. my Radish crop do well
leaf wise but don't develop tuber is it the wrong time of year or do i suck at gardening .
Cheers Bill
@Murrabill haha funny thing that. I'm actually working on one, but it's still in early progress.

I would definitely recommend growing your radishes in the winter. They tend to prefer cooler temperatures, so they might not do too well in summer.
Ages ago, well before I even became a member on here, I made a list of things Mark was growing that year, organised by season. Keep in mind that this list consisted of things growing/ready for harvest, rather than when to start them. Sadly I seemed to have skipped over Autumn/Fall for some reason. But in Winter a good couple years ago he grew


In my honest opinion I love winter in the sub-tropics. I can grow almost anything during winter, with very few exceptions. There are also plants I love to grow year round, like most herbs (chives, lemon balm, rosemary, green onion, oregano, and probably more that I have forgotten). This means the (in my opinion) prime time to grow things is coming right up. In saying that, some things do grow better in Summer, but I find that I have much less pest issues when growing them in Winter instead. An example would be tomatoes. I can grow those year round and they absolutely thrive in Summer, but they might suffer from things like grasshoppers and fruit flies significantly more than when I grow them in Winter.

I've actually just repotted my small tomato seedlings, to get them ready. I try to ensure they are fully grown when winter hits, so that I can enjoy them throughout the whole season, rather than having to wait for it to grow fist.

Of course, feel free to ask any and all questions you might have! I (but likely also other members) am more than happy to help :D
I'm in Bundaberg and right now I'm getting ready to seed what people grow in summer down south.
I would think you should do the same.
Mandy's list looks spot on.
In summer I almost let my garden rest but I'm building shade areas so that next year I can try and get some more salad stuff to grow when it's hot.

Radish needs lots of water 💧 to bulb up properly.
Hi Mandy
would there be any publications on this as I’m looking to put in another bed and would like to know what is best to grow and when
thanks in advance
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