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We have about 15 native bee hives ATM and I love them! They are always in our vegetable garden pollinating the plants.

My uncle owns all the hives we just simply give him access to a spot on out property down the back for him to grow the bees and pursue his hobby. If he ever moved them, I'd definitely buy several off him because they are so valuable to have in the yard.
I watched your video when your uncle was dividing his hives. Wow that was amazing. My eldest daughter and I are horribly allergic to ordinary bee stings and so love the native bees. I was also surprised to see how many types of native bee there are. 1500 and only 10 of these are stingless.

My sister is an entomologist so I will do an article on native bees in my valuable additions to the garden articles.
Mark would you say they fully replace honey bees?
I see the native bees on everything honey bees go so from a pollination perspective I'd say yes.
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