One of the BEST Gardening BOOKS on Self-Sufficiency I've Read!

I've watched a few of Liz Zorab's videos over the past year and like her approach. I looked at her website and around online a bit but couldn't find an Aussie distributor of the book.

Had a peek at the Retrosuburbia website too, looks useful and yeah, lovely layout.

The most inspiring book I own is Jackie French's "The Wilderness Garden". Here's what she says about it on her website:

An extract:
In Europe you need to maximise sunlight with big gaps between trees and nice straight rows. If you do that here your garden dries out and/or fills with weeds. So many of our ideas about growing fruit and veg come from farming, too. Farmers NEED nice big spaces to drive their tractors between the trees. And they want all their fruit to mature at once, too, to make picking and selling easier.​
Backyard growers rarely have tractors and the last thing they want is six cases of apricots ripening on Tuesday. We need to change the way we think about our gardens- and throw out a heck of a lot of preconceptions.​

It's available on Booktopia
It was certainly an interesting video…it’s always good to get recommendations from people of like minds.

That said, I’m not so much about self-sufficiency myself, but I do believe we can grow tastier and more nutritious food ourselves than what we typically find in supermarkets. Like Mark’s tagline it isn’t necessarily about being entirely self-sufficient, but about being less reliant on external factors.

A permaculture book I enjoyed that was somewhat of an introduction for me is Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway (not certain I’ve got the surname spelled correctly). Right now I’m enjoying Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I’m not very far in but it ties in her experiences with her indigenous background and the indigenous wisdom tied to native plants of North America as well as the historical experience of the indigenous peoples in the US…it was relatively recently that I learned how significantly different the treatment of these peoples was in the USA compared to Canada.
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