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    I went looking for a nice chili jam recipe & since it was the internet with all manor of links & ads in the side panels, I got side tracked!:nearlygotme:

    I found this fantastic site that sells old fashioned stuff from yesteryear. The real deal!
    I had given up hope of ever finding genuine kitchen & household country goods from my younger years. :yahoo:


    Odgers & McClelland, Nundle.

    I found it hard to go past the Mason Cash & the Robert Gordon Ceramics.
    Then I saw the Haws watering cans which for the most part are sold out but I already have the zinc plated 9lt watering can individually made in Romania so I'm good to go there!
    Then I saw the Opinel knives & the Romanian Enamelware.
    Then there is the natural bristle brushware, Tala measuring vessels, Fowlers Vacola preserving supplies & beautiful linen.

    OMGoodness why do I always find these sites when all I can do is window shop & dream. lol:p

    If only I had spare dollars! Ah! :idea: But I can disseminate my xmas wish list to my (sometimes) loved ones! ;)

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