I have been flat out in the shed for the last few months, a bit obsessed with woodwork at the moment, a few new tools and shed upgrades, i'll have to make some new posts. I haven't had much time to make all my chatter posts on this forum so I feel I've been neglecting the forum a bit. I'm on holidays at the moment so I have some spare time, so it's a couple of arvo drinks and spam the forums! :cheers:

Here's a few boxes I have been working on..

The Treasure Chests...

Log Cabins... (old cabin left new updated design right)

and the latest one I've been working on is the Phone Box..


The Outhouse ....

Red Mail Box..
My goodness Stevo, you have been busy!
Such artified bee houses.
Do they get any sort of scaffolds attached inside to start off with?
cheers Clissa. I've been on holidays from my normal day job but I have been flat out in the shed so I haven't stopped really. I return to work on Monday so life will return to normal then... maybe ...

When you split a hive they will have the old half full of structure and quickly build new structure in the new half, like a scaffold. The scaffold can then support their pollen and honey pots.
Glad to see you back @stevo ! :D

Looks good!

I think my native bee colony may have died over a holiday. They had nested in a statue we had, but now it's absolutely surrounded by cobwebs. I'm afraid they may have been munched by the spiders.
Glad to see you back @stevo ! :D
Thanks Mandy, I poke my head in occasionally to check on everything :)

I didn't know you had native bees. It's been a really bad year for bees with all the rain and extended cold periods. Lots of people have lost hives this year.

Ah, I don't have hives. But these bees moved in on their own and I just tried to accommodate them best I could, by leaving my bolted plants to flower and limiting spraying my plants, especially when flowering.
The bees moved in between the legs of a lady statue we have and she regularly had honey dripping down her legs :oops:

Edit: The statue:
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