My latest seed purchase from Green Harvest - Hot and Humid


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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
My latest seed purchase from Green Harvest - Hot and Humid

When you buy seeds from Green Harvest they usually send out several information slips and their most recent Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide along with the comprehensively detailed seed packets.

Chilacayote Squash
Capsicum (Perennial)
Bean "Winged"
Perilla "Green"
Perilla "Tia To"
Rosella "Red Drops"
Serpent Gourd
Pigeon Pea
New Guinea Bean
Kailaan (Kaliburi)

Most (if not all) these seeds were selected from Green Harvest's seeds for hot and humid areas.
Yeah good one Mark. I got a few pigeon peas up, finally some Rosellas with vigor, and my first purple malabar is putting out a shoot. We had 5mm rain here wednesday, but far from humid. Have had a few curcubits rot or drop off, even some on drippers. Could be white snails. My crookneck squash have twice the flavour of the golden zucchinis, and 3 times the yield. Bottle gourds and cucumbers and melons flowering. Too hot for bush beans, so getting yellow and burgundy climbers-purple kings under gum trees barely set a pod. Let the rats tail radishes go to seed, but they're still producing. Carrrots bolted, so feral multi-colours will be broadspread. Carrots are biennial, and apparently I put mine in at exactly the wrong time.....
Planting through our dry summer here uses the water, but is quite successful. Now apparently is when I should be planting feijoas etc.
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Cheers Tim, that's malabar in the background... Sometimes it surprises me what actually grows out of season! Might not get a full crop but it's better than a poke in the eye I suppose.
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