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Full Moon tonight!

muckin around pix
Shooting the moon is a tough gig regardless of the gear - you have to battle exposure time with a sturdy tripod and enough magnification to get that kind of detail. Well done Steve.
I was on my way to work the other day and happen to be passing Mt Coot-tha and with some spare time and a heap of fog around so I thought I'd detour up and take a couple of pictures. It was stunning up there with the city buildings peeking through the cloud. I was annoyed I didn't have my tripod with me as with the low light it made it hard to do a long exposure. It's not as clear as I'd hoped but at least I got a memory of it.
Channel 9 crew was even up there, and a million cyclists, checking it out.
I like the crane on the far right poking through, all by itself on the second photo.
muckin around pix

muckin around pix
Yep I know that spot stevo. It's the training ground for long exposure vehicle light photos.
That's a great photo.

I love the way you can pick out the indicators on cars and buses as they turn. Very cool.
These type of photos really tell a story about what just happened while the shutter was open. Nothing exciting happened but there was some action that is hard to capture in a normal photo.

Good one.
cheers Mark, that was the 28-300mm lens at 300mm, and cropped ... a lot. I would have turned the Clarity up in LightRoom aswell.

I think you have a 55-200mm lens? So because your camera has a crop factor of 1.5 your 200mm is the same as my 300mm so you can have a crack yourself.

No need for a tripod or long exposures, just take a normal shot using VR on the lens if you have it. Try taking three shots in "continuous" and view the second photo, the first one can be blury as you're pushing the button.
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