muckin around pix

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Jun 13, 2013
Clontarf, Qld
Post your arty farty muckin around pics in this thread, no specific subject, all weird stuff!

I was doing a bit of a comparison lense test today, and to be honest i don't know if i acheived anything or have any facts.. but then i thought . bah who cares.... but here's my excellent image.... if there's no facts we call it "art"

*I tried a few of my lenses, i was trying to tell if there was much difference if you choose a subject and try different lenses. I was hoping that i'd have some kind of result at the end of the test, but after a few wines i lost track of what results i was trying to acheive.

oh. and really what started this session, i was trying to get a good "product photo" ... i made this drink coaster, i simply just cut a tree, it's a bit of a prototype so is a bit wonky. I think i probably framed it wrong, the drink coaster tends to come off second best to the wine glass. It seems all focused on thewine glass.

muckin around pix
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That's cool. I like the way you have framed those shots in a line like that. Showed my wife and she said " we've got the same coasters" :) we do actually... I'm a sucker for arty farty stuff. Going to see what I can dig up arty farty wise.
I think i was trying to work out which lense would be best for that shot, but can't decide on it. I think i need to try different lighting.

Showed my wife and she said " we've got the same coasters" :)

ahh no, someone stole my idea , again :idea: .... i cut this from one of the Gravilia trees in my yard, but my power saw isn't big enough so can't do a nice cut. I was going to make a set for the outdoor area.
Nice product shots Stevo, but you are probably right that the glass steals the show.
I do like the '50mm New' and the '55-300 at 55mm' shots. The later maybe has a slightly nicer depth of field (not quite as deep).
But of all those shots, probably the 40mm Macro is the best as the product seller being slightly better placed in the shot.
All just my opinion though.

I like the way you tried the different lenses. There is only small differences but it still gives a slightly different feel to them all.
Nice work.
I once tried at a restaurant to get a photo of a coffee cup that could be printed and framed for a kitchen area.
I didn't put much effort in (5mins and no attempt to move it around or use lighting) so the result was average in my opinion.
I did say that I would try it again in a more controlled environment and see what happens. That was 2 years ago and is still in the back of mind to try day!

muckin around pix
Here's a couple of 'arty' shots with light being the subject.
The car was just light painting in my garage and the other two were fire twirlers at my wedding. We hadn't planned it but two guests had been practicing for a while and put on a impromptu performance for us. Without a tripod I attempted to get a couple of shots free hand on a longish exposure. Not the best but gave a nice arty feel.
muckin around pix

muckin around pix

muckin around pix
There's no way I can arty fart anywhere near the quality of you guys! :eek:

Ah come on Mark, thats the beauty of art, anyone can throw something up and get a million dollars for it.
Let those creative juices flow.....
We went out to Lake Kurwongbah today for a ski, ...

for some history, if you don't know, this is an awesome place at Petrie. Just across from the Petrie Markets? About the lake, you need a permit, SEQ water only allow a set number of people on the lake and only allow so many permits. There is a waiting list, and if you want a permit you have to wait til someone dies until you can get bumped up the list. You are issued with a key to get in the gate. This is a ongoing issue with great debates about who has rights etc , but it works very well.

So, i had the privalige to go out today with a couple of people today and we don't ask questions why. I just love these opertunities. Actually , they needed a spotter so i was it, but i love this stuff because it's great for photos. (i declined the opertunity to ski because my shoulder is just getting better).. but what a fantastic place... .. this was the first time i've been here and it's an awesome place to go, and at the back door step of Petrie, amazing...

here's my un-edited photos, 79 pics.
Some great photos there Stevo. Nice work.

Looks like there was some real talent out there.
I've only wake-boarded once or twice and skied a few times so I dont know a lot but I know those skim boards would be bloody difficult to ride.
Pretty impressive. Obviously professionals.

looks like a really nice spot and controlled too which is awesome.
Sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday.
That's an interesting slideshow - cool. Nice clear shots!

Pretty impressive for the back of Petrie isn't it and it looks well developed too with the oval and amenities in the background. Coupled with Lake Samsonvale there's quite a bit of water lying around north Brisbane.

Beaut day for it :thumbsup:
cheers fellas, when the photos are reduced in size for the slideshow they tend to lose abit of bang, but they are pretty clear. I was going to crop and edit a few for effect. I know we have been discussing settings recently for some action shots on here, and i thought i'd experiement a bit with some high shutter speeds... i was flying blind a bit and when i checked the photos on the camera screen i was concerned about focus, but really, i think you have just stick with your settings and trust that it's working sometimes. I had doubts about focus and light but once on the computer i saw that they were ok. .. yeah, i just went high shutter speed and tried to get wide depth of field to try get things in focus, because when the skier (object) is moving fast it's too hard to have a narrow depth of field. So to get that i tended to have the ISO set pretty high. These are all unedited, so once you add some editing you wont recognise them.

If you ever notice, you will never see a professional photographers photo that hasn't been edited.
Just found some pics i took a couple months go on a friends property near Gayndah. I have tonnes of photos from the farm so i'll have to add some more.

muckin around pix

here's Lizzie, she's an Italian Sheep Dog "Maremma". These dogs are a little bit different to normal dogs. They are used to protect flocks, heards of animals etc, but she's generally a pain in the arse

muckin around pix

and here's me! driving a mates baby tractor. They have various size tractors on the property, large ones and small ones, i have driven a couple of them, but this one is quite dangerous as the front end tends to lift on inclines.

muckin around pix
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