Motorised wheelbarrows


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Aug 31, 2021
Hi to everyone, now that I’m getting older and slower I have been looking at getting myself a motorised wheelbarrow as all our raised beds are built on a terraced hill and would like to hear your thoughts about them or if anyone has suggestions on what to get
This is what I’ve been looking at

I don't have any experience with those sadly, but I did hear good things in the oast ariund motorised wheelbarrows. Well, epsiecally those with a little step on the back, so you don't have to walk anymore either, when it's at least semi-balanced (as the step also had wheels, to take some of your weight).
I had an uncle use those kind of motorised wheelbarrows after he got into an accident, allowing him to work through his injury until he recovered. I don't know what brand he had, but he said he loved it at the time. I think it got busted because he left it out in the weather for too long. Keep in mind this was a good, probably, 15 years ago. They might be better now.

I know Mark uses his ride-on mower to tug a little cart behind it, creating a similar effect. We have a handmade cart for our ride-on too and I bet someone much handier than myself could make something much better and sturdier.
Not a bad idea if you need it and can afford it. Anything to keep yourself active in the garden for as long as possible.
I’ve had a change of plans can’t really justify the expense when it won’t be in use very often a much better option will be to just hire a “dingo digger “ for the job this cuts out maintenance costs having some where to store it
For granddad we have a ride-on mower with a handmade cart behind it. You would've seen Mark using it too. We made the cart so that he can stack little branches in it and drive it off to our fire pit down the backpaddock. And as it's multi-functional (as we also mow with it) it might be considered a more reasonable expense.
i actually made a platform on the back of of my riding mower a number of years ago it extended out off the rack i made for the propane tanks. I found a gorilla cart cheap from lawn sale mounted the swivel wheel assembly at rear under it ( this just was so the wheels didn't drag when making turns. On top i mounted the tip body from cart. The addition made one long tractor cart one piece so not having to jockey around steering to back up.
i drilled a couple hols in the angle bracket on back of the tank tray for some pins so i could detach when not in use i've since picked up a mule with a dump body so no longer have the cart to take pictures.

extension i made on back of lawn tractor to hold tanks and a cart similar to what i used to donor parts for tip body

DSCF0046.JPG cart.png

mower as set up ready to mow

Motorised wheelbarrows
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