Morayfield Pet & Stock Feeds


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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Morayfield Pet and Stock Feeds
285 Morayfield Road
QLD 4506
Ph: (07) 5497 8168

This pet and stock feed store was referred to me by @armysnail and I'm glad I went along to check it out.

The business is run by a friendly young couple and has only been open for about 6 months (as at the creation of this thread) so it's only early days and they're hoping to do well in what is a very competitive market.

They stock all types of pet and livestock feed plus some related equipment and even garden products (like mulches and soil improvers). I managed to find some duck feed for my Pekins which is quite rare and most animal feed retailers don't stock it.

There are several large pet feed retailers in the Morayfield/Caboolture area and if you are buying feed from them you're paying way too much. One large retailer, in particular, re-bags feed (like chicken mash) into smaller quantities and sells it at an obscene mark-up to cater for the "city chicken keeper" who doesn't know any better.

On the other hand, good old fashioned country pet and stock feed retailers like Morayfield Pet & Stock Feeds sell most of their feeds in the original 20 - 30 kg manufacturers packaging and at very reasonable prices! These guys also have a delivery service (within a specified local area) and you can phone in for orders.

So whatever pet or stock feed you're after, go and check them out the shop is opposite Bunnings just past the Stihl shop on the left hand side in the same complex as the Vet.
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