Master (or mistress) of none


Jan 8, 2024
Hi fellow green enthusiasts. My name is Jas (Jasmine) - I’m from Lake Macquarie in NSW Australia and have been gardening for a few years now. I also have a decent flock of chickens.
I think my biggest issue is that I keep trying everything all at once, with an already busy lifestyle, so nothing ever really thrives, or they just flat out die. In fact I feel like the things I just let go of do better than the ones I try to manage haha
Planting at the right times and planning are probably key but I struggle to do that efficiently and then feel like a green thumb failure because I’ve missed the window 😂

Either way, I keep plodding along and hope that things will get easier as time goes on!

Thanks for having me among the community - I’m looking forward to learning and hearing from like minded people.

Mark, your videos and advice are inspirational, entertaining and honestly what keep many of us from throwing in the pitchfork! So thank you for sharing your passion, skills and wisdom 😊
Welcome to the forum @LadyJas1912 !

Don't worry I am much the same! I love picking up new hobbies left right and center. I've recently started to learn how to sew, and before that I tried polymer clay, before that I dabbled in watercolour painting.... and many more :ROFL:

What do you garden in? Do you grow in pots or straight in the ground?
And learning what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Frankly, one often learns more from their mistakes than from their successes.

We love people asking questions. It means we have an opportunity to all learn :D
Welcome Jas. Don't worry about failing. By default, you will lose, so you can only win. That was a sports trainer's motto I had many moons ago to stop putting pressure on myself. Such wise words!

Just try to stick to a garden calendar, plenty around with a google search. Follow the flow of the season and be a bit cheeky and just compost seeds. Moher nature will reward you with seedlings when you stuff up ;). Trust me I my seedlings in the current side garden were delivered like that.
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