Lead contamination in your garden soil and how to deal with it.

Chelation therapy also reduces blood metal concentrations with a massive caveat - it is non-discriminatory! Any blood-metal will get chelated, including essential minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium and potassium.

I have recently read that sarsparilla root tea is an excellent, albeit mild, metal chelator. Selenium is also good (similar to iron above), in that selenium's presence reduces the bioavailability of other toxic metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, thallium and arsenic. Selenium can be obtained naturally from brazil nuts; supplementation is *not* recommended. Another strong chelator is EDTA, but this chemical should only be used with medical supervision (or sparingly, such as a once-per-year fast) due to its propensity to chelate calcium, resulting in heart attacks, and magnesium, resulting in severe muscle cramps. There are other chelating agents available.

I typically do not eat kale due to its extreme levels of thallium which makes me break out in hives within a week or two of eating it.
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