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Aw geez! Don't talk to me about septic systems! When we called in the city to give us permission to install a septic system we got a gal who had just graduated three weeks before! She was terribly nervous because we are on the type of soil that was the front end of a moving glacier--part sand and lots of rock with some clay. She did her first soils test and started yelling we had pure clay could not have a drain field. My DH who is an experienced architect calmed her down and told her to do another soil test 10 feet away which she did--that test was gravel. Then a third test another 10 ft away showed it to be a good mix of dirt, gravel and clay! All test sites were within the area planned for the drain field. Feeling some relief she agreed we could use that area for the drain field HOWEVER, we had install a large enough drain field to accommodate five toilets-- count em 5 toilet for two old people with one cabin one bedroom. I pray she moved on to another job because she certainly didn't care very much about discovering the "whole picture". Anyway we now have a drain field with four long ditches--each one is five feet deep with a PLASTIC HALF TUNEL OVER THE ditch!!! The whole thing is recovered with soil and the area that is covered by the ditches measures about 30 X 30 feet! Like I said--don't talk to me about septic and drain fields!

This summer we are going to build our garden over the drain field. We will be putting raised beds on the solid areas between the ditches. Thanks to my DH taking pictures of every step of the process we know exactly where those ditches are buried!

Last summer the head plumber for our neighbor--a very large glamping operation--came to look at our situation. He dang near cried!! The funny thing with all of this you may ask?
Well here it is: that cabin had not been used for 27 years. However, for the 20 years before that a family of five lived in the cabin full time. FIL had built the cabin and the septic/drain field himself. He placed the drain field about the size of a queen sized bed in the same area we have our new system. FIL used the springs from a queen sized bed to filter the water and prevent the soil from cabin in. He had a septic tank that ran into that queen sized drain field and that was that! Never had any leakage problem in that multi type soil!
Some day when I figure out how to post pictures I will.

P.S. we still having intermittent rain and snow here with an extreme change do to come this weekend with sunshine and temperatures reaching about 70f !
I pray she moved on to another job because she certainly didn't care very much about discovering the "whole picture".

One who choose to be blissful ignorant, stays blind for what amazing lessons are around. 😲
It has been a while with an update of my garden. What can I say...... I have been busy 😅.

In the front garden I removed one shrub that I planted last year but didn't took of, so I took it out of the ground and placed it in a pot to be relocated later. This gave me the space to add another two garden beds to grow some tucker :eat:. Nothing is planted out yet, but I'll find something ;)
KIG's Garden

With the majority of garden beds and plants in it is time to focus on the garden art to complete the entire picture.

As with everything in the garden it needs to be from recycled materials or with the proceeds of it. So I did some serious hours of study to see how this could be achieved, but also taking in account the possibility of the longevity of the art. My love for scrap metal and broken appliances became the foundation for the next step..... Metal Casting:idea:. This should give be the freedom for various shapes and personality of the art. Although still far away from the first cast, one still needs to organise materials like casting sand and moulds etc. for the artwork.

In the last few weeks I have been spending my savings on equipment, waiting for delivery and setting things up. But last weekend it was finally time to lit the forge for the first time to melt the scrap laying around to the first addition to the depository for future artwork.

To get an idea what I'm doing here is YouTube movie that shows a similar process, but on a larger scale, lol.

So my first melting session resulted in just over 6kg. of aluminium and just 6kg of brass with more materials to be sorted and melted for the depository. For the moment I stored these in a plastic container as I have to clean out a shed and evict the rats, since they refuse to pay rent. But hope later this year to have a decent storage place with high duty shelving in place.

KIG's Garden

KIG's Garden
Wowza! Nice going! I look forward to what you're going to be doing with all those in the future (both garden and the bars). I'd love picture-updates 😍
This weekends exercise was to clear some bits up around the house. I added 140 litres of water to the rainwater tank that was collected from dripping shed roofs and clear out the pile of electrical engines. Unfortunate most turned out copper coated aluminium, so I added that to the aluminium pile for a later melt. But there was a small window of melting in between the rains, so I was able to add just over 2kg of copper.

KIG's Garden

Now its time to kick up the legs and relax.
It was pretty wet for the garden here to do stuff, so it was more shed time. I managed to add 4.2 kg of aluminium for future garden art in between showers.
KIG's Garden
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