Is this bumblefoot?

Sam Anderson

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Jun 15, 2023
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Hi all,

Just hoping to get an opinion from the hive mind. She’s not running around like she usually does and I’ve noticed one foot looks a bit swollen. We just culled one girl and I’d hate to let this get out of hand (or foot) and have to cull another.

Any advice appreciated.


  • Is this bumblefoot?
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  • Is this bumblefoot?
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I'm not entirely sure, but I think it might be bumblefoot. Maybe another member can shine more light on this. Thankfully it's completely cure-able.
Time for Bucket Chook! Gotta contain the old girl in a bucket with a lid (you can cut a hole in the lid for her to poke her head out). Fill the bucket to knee height on the chook with a solution of Epsom Salt (probably 75-100 grams or so should do it). Leave her in there for 30-45 mins twice a day until the bumble foot goes away.

Here's the same method for ducks so you know what I'm talking about:
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