Hello! New from SW Florida :)


Mar 9, 2023
Hi all!

I'm a new fan of the YouTube channel and in making my way through all of Mark's videos, he mentioned this forum!
I live in Naples, Florida (southwest side, all the way down). It's HOT here. Subtropical, US zone 10a.
I'm relatively new to gardening, about 1 1/2 years, but have been severely bitten by the gardening bug. It's contagious, my husband has it now too :)

Looking forward to taking a look around and seeing what all I can learn from you folks (and what else I need to start growing haha)

Tamara :)
Welcome to the forum and YouTube channel @TamaraSWFL !

That's awesome! I think I might be headed into my 3rd year of gardening - and I'm loving it. So contagious. Never have I eaten crispier, tastier green beans than fresh from the garden. The household agrees.

Feel free to ask any question you may have :D
Welcome to the forum and happy your here. I’m born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and migrated to Texas. I’m so glad to have another Floridian in the group. You will find our Aussie friends incredibly helpful. The climates are very similar just seasons reversed
Hi and welcome to the forum Tamara.

I know that bug, but my fincè seems immune to it 😅 seeing as he has a brown thumb I am quite glad that he ceeps his distance from my plants tho.... otherwise the possibillity is high we wouldn't get any haverst 🤣 (he acomplished to let his cactus die of thirst one time...)

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and sorry the bite of the garden bug there is no known cure, once bit and infected you can never get rid of it. just some get infected more then others and pamper plants well into late part of season to get last little cure from them
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