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Jun 1, 2021
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Hello Everyone

My name is Michael and I'm located in the north east suburbs of Melbourne. The house is my partners which we moved back into around October last year when our tenants couldn't pay their rent and moved out during the covid lockdown.

I came across the Self Sufficient Me channel around a month ago and was hooked right away.

I've been brought up with a love for the bush and the outdoors by my grandparents on both sides and have many childhood memories helping Grandma in her veggie patch or feeding the animals with Grandpa.

In the 4 or so weeks since I saw my first video on raised pallet gardens I've spent every weekend assembling garden beds out of pallets. I've made 4 raised pallet garden beds (3 singles and 1 double) two waist high rectangular beds and a larger square bed. We've also revitalised the herb garden we had behind the house (I couldn't figure out why Mark kept on saying Mint will take over your garden until I pulled it all out and realised that a 6m long garden bed was covered by a single plant).

I plan on making a few more pallet beds just because I enjoy the process of pulling things apart and putting them together. I run a music school and produce online content for guitar lessons so Im normally office bound for most of the day so it's been great to get back outside. My step son is also into gardening and has been watching or listening to the videos with me. He's been grounded a fair bit due to some behavioural issues but hopefully once he gets back on track he can help out in the garden too.

My goals are to:

  • Make enough raised and upright garden beds that allow us to use all the space we can in our back and front yard.
  • grow enough food so that we don't have to purchase anything other than specialty items from the supermarket.
  • eventually get chickens and/or quails (if I can convince the Missus to let us get them) however our pet dog might be a problem.
  • I'd even be keen to look into setting up a fishpond and an insect
  • My grandfather has a property in rural Victoria which is several acres backing onto a national park with a creek through the property and a river on the other side of the road. I'd love to eventually retire there and set it up as a zombie apocalypse bunker/off grid paradise where I teach gutiar online and have my music school run itself and I adventure around the bush every other hour of the day.
I look forward to meeting more of you on here and learning as much as I can.

Mary Playford

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Oct 24, 2014
Elizabeth, Adelaide, South Australia.
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Welcome to the group. You have a lovely plan going on over there. Enjoy the journey of building your own backyard supermarket. Unfortunately, not many out there see it the way us gardeners do. the benefits of growing your own food. The other day, my friend down the road mentioned that her mandrins are starting to ripen. How lovely that sounds...
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