Hello all!


Hey everyone, I'm Mitch - currently living in Brisbane and attempting to grow a food garden in containers on our back deck. I've been following Mark for a few months and have learned so much more than I could've imagined in such a short time!

I'm excited to meet and interact with some of you fine folk, and exchange information, learn and draw inspiration from this community.

I've attached a picture of a possum-proof cover I made for our babies, inspired by Mark's "4 Cheap & EASY to Make Raised Garden Bed COVERS" video.

Catch you soon!


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Mary Playford

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Onya, Mitch...welcome to the group. It sure is wonderful sharing garden tips and interacting with other gardeners in the group. We're a global group too so we get to hear other growing zones and their garden stories. Our Mark is wonderful and just an overall nice person. I enjoy his videos an especially his orchard.
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