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J of Whitburn

Apr 3, 2023
Temperate (all seasons)
I'm John, just joined and wanted to say I'm a bit of a brown thumb needing a colour change. I've looked at Mark's videos for a while and am impressed. So I decided to go with the flow to educate myself a bit more.
Hi and welcome to the forum! 😃👋
Have a look around and don't hestitate to ask questions. Someone is aways willing to answer around here.
Yes I've got a question.
Popped up in my strawberry container is a papaya plant (I use six month old compost). It's now about 30 cms high.
Is it likely to be too advanced to transplant? Located in the Newcastle area
If you carefully dig around the roots and take as many of them out with the plant as possible there shouldn't be a problem in transplanting the Seedling 🤔
G'day @J of Whitburn !

I hear you - I was once a bit of a brow thumb myself too.
My main problems were using bad soil and overwatering. My partner convinced me to buy proper soil once and my plants absolutely boomed - they did awesome! And to combat the other issue, he bought me a soil moisture reader. I always thought "the top soil looks dry, it needs water right?" wrong. The top layer just dries out the quickest as it's exposed to open air. It evaporates more quickly than the damp soil below. Many people use the finger technique where they stick their finger down into the soil, but I still enjoy using my trusty little moisture meter.

Plants can be transplanted at almost any age, though it is not always recommended to do whilst it is fruiting as you have greater risks of shocking the plant. Also, the bigger the plant, the more roots usually. Make sure you give your plant a good drink of water a couple hours before transplanting, and try not to damage the roots in the process. After repotting, water it in and leave the plant be for a while. Transplanting can be a little traumatic to the plant, so just leaving it be to recover for a good couple days can help out a ton.
As with any plant of any size, there is always a risk transplanting, but by taking the appropriate steps you help minimise the risks and ensure it's continued growth.
mandy my sister is a professional black thumb she can make a plastic plant wilt and turn brown

Welcome to the group J
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