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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Dear Forum Members,

the software platform powering our forum has recently released a major upgrade and I wanted to get your thoughts on whether upgrading our Forum is something you'd be happy to see considering the following points:
  • The "skin" or forum "look" will change completely to something new and more modern.
  • Many of the features and addons will be different and may take several visits for you to get used to the new site.
  • There will be downtimes both scheduled and non-scheduled to fix bugs/issues created when conducting the upgrade.
Overall, security and general operation should be better - at the end of the day, they've upgraded their software to improve it of course.

I could keep running this version for another 12 months or so as it is still completely supported and secure but I just wanted to see what you guys thought.

Let me know what you think and also have your vote in the corresponding poll.

Cheers :)
I'd like to see screenshots of the new format.
I like this format (skin). It's easy on the eye and easy to read with little clutter.
The more modern skins make me edgey so I generally leave that forum.
This new stuff suits young people mostly.
But I understand that this platform is suffering certain difficiencies or short comings.
As the forum membership gets bigger, so the issues will become more complicated.

Anyway I voted to wait 12mths. I would add that the change should be slow and progressive with the old forum remaining in parallel for as long as possible.
Personally, I'm still struggling with a less than perfect computer, so still resorting to this frustrating tablet with its own short comings.
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It seems that waiting for 12 months might be the consensus...

There's no rush - I'll revisit the upgrade next year then :thumbsup:
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A forum upgrade is coming soon.

I won't be changing the format too much at all but there will be some cosmetic changes to our forum as it rolls into the upgraded version.

There might also be some functionality that needs to be removed if it isn't compatible with the new version of forum software, however, if this is necessary it will be replaced with something better so it will be a matter of getting used to new functions rather than "losing features."

Speaking of functionality, the new version will have significant improvements in function and have a more familiar/modern interface making it easier for members to navigate and contribute.

Overall security will also be improved and how people find or search for information on the site will be much better.

I want this upgrade completed by the end of this month or mid-next month at the latest.

I will inform you of any planned outages or interruptions.
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We are getting there... Here's how the new skin will look:
Forum upgrade
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As you can see, our forum has now changed considerably. I expect it will take some getting used to but I encourage you to please persist and not be discouraged if you are a little taken back by the new facelift.

I still have many things to work on to fully complete this upgrade such as installing our Showcase section, Competitions, Photo competitions, and several other features so please be patient as I do my best to sort it out and make these necessary improvements that ultimately is not just for looks or features it has also made the site extra secure.

Now I'm going to get some sleep... :)
Looks great and easy to navigate from mobile - great effort Mark
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Looks great and easy to navigate from mobile - great effort Mark
Thanks Josh! I'm feeling pretty tired but I really wanted to get this upgrade out so I've been putting in the big ones over this past month and the upgrade last night seemed to transfer over without too much issue. More good stuff to follow but the bulk of the transfer/upgrade work has been completed :)
Good work Mark. Thank you for all the work you put into the forum. It is appreciated. I know there are lots of reasons you do this work, but ultimately we all gain, so, thank you!
OMG .... So different ... I will have to get my brain to adjust ... LOL
I like new fresh look...a little getting used to but all good. Thumbs up.

I notice you've got some help onboard @Mark with an "Administrator" now present on the forum too.
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