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May 27, 2012
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The following points are a simple etiquette guide to using the Self Sufficient Culture Community Forums and are designed to give a friendly reminder to all users about best forum practises and ways we can utilise our forums for our own benefit but also whilst being thoughtful of others.

Most of the following points/rules are commonsense but please read and abide by them or you may find yourself in the "naughty corner" via our infraction system.

1. Do not post anything that is offensive, defamatory or deliberately insulting about any person, their writing habits, or point of view. It's fine to disagree - just do it politely.

2. Always post a new topic or "start a new thread" in the most appropriate forum or sub-forum. Try not to repeat an existing topic by searching for your topic first prior to posting a new one as you may find the topic has already been discussed or is presently being discussed - this will help keep the forums tidy and make them easier to read.

3. Stick with the subject in that particular thread. Don't branch off into a totally different subject half way through because the next person reading the thread titled "tomatoes" probably doesn't want to read about "pumpkins." Also, Keep general chat to the "chat forums" (chin-wag forums). If you feel like a personal chat about something not likely to be of interest to others, then send a personal conversation (PC) via our in-house message system and communicate that way.

4. Copyright - This is an IMPORTANT rule to consider before using someone else's text, work, ideas, uploading any images, or uploading attachments to SSC website. If content is not your own, please ensure you have permission from the copyright owner to use the material and conform to any requirements to acknowledge the source where re-use of the material is allowed. If in doubt as to whether content can be posted, do not use it. The copyright rule applies to forum posts, gallery uploads, blogs, and articles.

5. Pictures within posts - Try not to link or upload/attach images (or media) which is unnecessarily large. If the particular source can be down sized (without losing appropriate quality) then this will make the forum pages load faster for all users.

6. Questions - When asking a question in the forums, please be patient when waiting for a response. Also, think about the question being asked - does it include the appropriate amount of information necessary for the answerer to consider. Questions about equipment, plant growing (to give just two examples) should include things like: model, make, your climate, type etc (depending on the subject, naturally) or anything extra you can think of to make answering your question easier.

7. Updates - Re-visit this thread occasionally as it may be updated with more content about etiquette in the future.

At the end of the day, this forum is moderated and if you make a mistake you will likely be kindly guided in the right direction by another member or a moderator.

No person is going to "jump down your neck" so don't be too timid just because we have a few rules and guidelines, and if you are unsure about any of the above points please ask and we'll be happy to help.
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