Fall planting in Hawaii's central areas

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Sep 15, 2022
Aloha folks, brand new to gardening food stuffs in Hawaii, and I was hoping that the good people here may be able to provide a little guidance on what grows best and when, outside of spring and summer. My goal is to plant some red potato, tomato (cherry), yellow & green onion, carrots, snow peas, and maybe artichoke, I LOVE ARTICHOKE... Any information on your successes and failures with these veggies at this time of year would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I'll just learn the hard way. It's not like I'm not used to that already...

Oh, raised garden beds, good store bought soil (50% potting mix, 30% compost, 20% ag sand) in all my 20 gallon beds...

A hui hou...
Typical fall (September- late November) temps will be between 70-88 f morning to evening respectively. The nighttime temps start to go down around Thanksgiving time into the mid 60's and the day temps typically don't get past 80 degrees and that will remain through early spring... Rarely during the winter months and into early spring it'll get into the mid to high 50's for a few days at a time, and while those crispy cool days are appreciated, again they are few and far between...

Thank you for your help, I REALLY appreciate it and want to get some veggies in the soil this weekend if possible.

God Bless!!!
Sorry Ms. Onderwater, I didn't read your reply very well obviously... Summer temps are 75-90 June-August, night and day respectively.

Thank you!!!
Allrighty, just did some looking around and I found you some things you might find interesting.
Fall planting in Hawaii's central areas
This map shows you what zone you are in. When you look up what plants grow in a certain zone, it can sometimes broaden the view as it's not country based anymore. You already know you're living tropical, as there exist maps to figure out what climate you live in as well.
It sounds like you live in a similar temperature range to me, seeing as I live on the border between sub-tropical and tropical. There are many plants you can grow, and I actually found this handy chart that shows you what grows when!
Fall planting in Hawaii's central areas
Of course, this is just plain information. But I feel that this could give you something to look at so you at least have some clue of what to plant when. I know it really helped me!
Sadly I can't find for which part of Hawaii this is for, but at least it helps showing you some possibilities. I am, of course willing to help you further along, but we need to start somewhere at least :D
I also found this website chockful of information. There's videos and text. Questions you can ask here, of course :D
Unreal Ms. Onderwater, thank you so much for your efforts, I really appreciate it...
Oh for sure I will post some updates. I'm hoping to get my potatoes, onion, and tomatoes planted this weekend, we'll see, my wife and I are pretty busy these days having to take care of our parents... Thank you again, I really appreciate the help...

A hui hou
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