Evaporative cooler converted to 12 volt to run on solar

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Aug 6, 2014
Here's another solution........
Evaporative cooler converted to 12 volt to run on solar

This Bonaire profile evaporative I have converted to 12 volt. It has a car thermo-fan hooked up to a 12v 15a controller, and a pond pump hooked up to a 12v 5a controller. Water supplied via an internal float valve. The controllers are mounted on a 3"x5" plywood board inside the front panel, coupla holes and screws. The thermo-fan inside it's housing, is pre-drilled and tek screwed. Water flow and fan speed are separately variable for maximum cooling(hopefully).
The fan and controller I used in the van for ages previously.
It is currently running on the 80 watt panel, with a slagged-out old battery as a power sink, but I will eventually hook up a Mini-maximiser to it-no battery required,( but you can still use one/some for night time use).:)
Cheers Mark. It's a pity some other sites aren't as organised as you. Those controllers were $25 and $12 on ebay from memory.
This little evaporative in the westerly window kept the whole house cool on 240v last summer, but the bearings in the fan motor wore, then you had to spin it to get it going, then it arced across the armatures, so that was that. 12 volt air conditioner.
By another solution, I mean to paying for power. And buying another air conditioner. :)
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