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Sep 6, 2022
Temperate (all seasons)
End of seasoned gardening is coming soon I have bumper crops of okra, tomatoes are still hanging on but soon we will have to treat the bees and put them down for winter.... and I want to get working on my raised beds next season will be all raised beds
Busy busy!
That sounds like you've got some nice plans going! How have you been gardening at the monent? In pots, or in the ground? :D
Hi @nayday !! Sounds like you've got your hands full!

I kinda miss those days of putting everything to bed for the winter. Where I am now, the garden is just getting started. I've got new plants (started from seed about a month ago) of tomatoes, basil, tomatillo, peas, beans and even a couple of pumpkins that decided that they wanted to live. I just made a new planter bed for all of that and I'm hoping they don't all fry in the sun before I get some food.

How are you planning to make your raised beds next year? Are you going with a pre-made product or are you making them yourself?

We are making raised beds ourselves using tin and cutting up landscape posts!
Stay cool and hydrated 😊
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