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    Big business fatcats often muscle their way into communities at the expense of good small business owners and the consequences can be dire with: less personalised service, less choice, and surprisingly higher prices.

    A classic example in my area with all the consequences above is in the pet and farm animal supplies category where big business franchises such as: Pet Barn, and Pet Stock have arisen directly competing with local smaller family businesses.

    The purpose of this forum is to list small businesses related to self-sufficiency and recommended by our self-sufficient community.

    Please adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Make a separate thread for each individual business.
    • Only one business listing in this forum (don't double up - use our forum search and similar threads feature to check).
    • Any member can list a small business (and yes you can list your own business).
    • Businesses need to be related to our community in some way. For example: farming supplies; pet supplies; food retailers/hobby farms (smallgoods, olive oil, etc); equipment retailers (sporting, farm, building); animal breeders; individual eBay shops/sellers or other online retailers; and many more.
    • No unnecessary "bumping" of threads (ie, commenting just for the sake of getting the listing to the top).
    • No big business please.
    • Any state, any country.
    • Please give a small "about" and reason/s why you recommend the business.
    I hope by listing small businesses here we can "do our bit" to bring attention to self-sufficient related businesses and help them to garner more support within our own communities.
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