Dragon Fruit


Oct 2, 2013
Hi Mark, we have grown dragon fruit for years now, and have not seen one bloom, what's wrong? We have epiphyllums which blooms like crazy every year, yet the dragon fruit cuttings that our friend gave us are just growing "arms" and no blooms! I'm so tired of waiting! HELP!! PLEASE!!

BTW, our weather is just ideal for them, and I thought they'll grow in any soil? We have experimented in different regions of our yard, with different soil types and have left them high and dry, literally, and nothing worked so far!! We are in zone 9 of US, the backyard where we grown Dragon fruit is facing South-south-west, with great sunshine all day! Our other plants flourish but not the Dragon fruit cuttings! =(


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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD
Hi MYX, firstly welcome to SSC :)

It sounds like you are doing all the right things with respect to growing dragon fruit to make them grow like crazy but not flower. And you've even given it some "tough love" by leaving the plant "high and dry" and still no luck hey? That's unusual, because my first advice to people who are having trouble getting their pitaya to flower is to neglect it - by watering less and limited fertiliser. Your climate zone is similar to mine also so it can't be climate related I wouldn't think...

Have you grown the dragon fruit up a structure to a point (like about 5 feet) as a single stem then let it flop over at the top and branch out from there? I've often seen the branching out and flopping over from the top of the vine as a turning point triggering flowering.

How well does your friend's DF flower and fruit?

If possible, could you post some images here for us to examine please?