Dragon Fruit support post design


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Sep 27, 2015
Pomona, Qld
Here is a drawing of how I will be setting up my dragon fruit.
I've got enough rooted cuttings to put in 25 posts.
Whether I can find that many dirt bike rims is another issue but I won't know until I go to the motorbike shop.
The rims would have their axle hubs and spokes removed then centered over the top of the post on the cross braces.
I will drape an irrigation hose along the top of the rows of posts with micro sprays hanging down from the rims.
I'll be fertigating (putting a weak nutrient solution into the irrigation water and spraying a few times daily much like hydroponics.
For this reason I'll only need gravel to root the cuttings into. Using the 4x4 tyre will allow a good depth of gravel to keep the root zone cool.
The posts will be low enough to allow me to work on the tops of the plants or the irrigation hoses without the need to climb a ladder.
As the plants grow they will drape over the outer edges of the bike wheels. The tyres will prevent damage to the segments where they bend over the top and allow good airflow through and under the draped segments.
The posts will be on a 3m grid. Adding the irrigation hose will define the rows in one direction.
There won't be anything draped across the rows so I can walk or ride the mower along the rows without the need to bend.
All of this design is to suit me and my persona health issues. There certainly are other ways to set up DF.

Dragon Fruit support post design
Let me know if you want some cuttings of red fruiting DF.
Thanks for that Tony. When you say red, do you mean the outside skin colour or flesh colour?
I have well over 50 rooted cuttings waiting to go in around these posts already.
These are DF whose flesh colour is dark purple. I also have a full sized yellow and a white pearl.
What I don't have is a pink fleshed DF.
I have the red (dark) flesh ones and some commercial white flesh. All my plants I got from Red Fox Pitaya before she closed down.
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