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    I am in a dialog with a bank about a loan for buy a farm, but since me and my girlfriend dont get so much in salary from our work, we will need to show the bank that we can earn money from producing vegetables and sell them.
    I need some numbers for make an excel worksheet.
    For example i need to know how much you can harvest per hectare, how much time you need for grow per hectare, how much expenses there are per hectare (seeds, seeding-soil and so on.), and so on.
    is there some schemes with these kind of information.
    I want to grow a large range of different kinds of vegetables.
    Its easy to find those numbers for big scale farming where you have large machines and all, but for small scale farming where all is with hand tools, its not easy to find so detailed information.
    thank you for help if you know where to look.
    sorry for my english.. i am from Denmark.
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    Hi Dan, you're right - you can usually find out this information from the department of agriculture if not in Denmark then there are online resources USA based and we have them here in Australia also.

    Yes, the information is usually targeted at larger farms but it's just a matter of scaling the figures back to the size farm you are hoping to purchase.

    You could also link up with local farming associations directly and ask them for information on starting a small farm business because often there are support groups or even govt grants to assist business start-ups specifically for people wanting to get into the small farm business sector.

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