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Apr 22, 2023
Hello, I’ve been long time follower of this page! I’m on the Gold Coast. I have had my organic veggie garden for a while season now, got all my supplies from nuway and followed YouTube tips. I think maybe lacked on the fertiliser though.

Anyway out if the whole season I got no vegetables :( I got lettuce and a couple tomatoes after planting:

Zuchini (got mildew and died)
Spring onions
Beans (got sick and died too)
Beetroot (these just never grew the big bulbs)

I’m wondering if this is normal to not get anything all season? Should I keep growing them or pull and start fresh with new season items? :)

The area is two big garden beds, sun at least 5 hours a day. Probably spaced a bit too close and watered once a day to twice a day.
It happens from time to time. This summer was particularly wet on the Australian east coast, resulting in a preponderance of fungal disease. I lost my Korean zucchinis and cape gooseberries to mildew, and chilies to spider mites this year. I did get a crop of cherry tomatoes but that plant started pretty early in winter last year, so it was fruiting at the beginning of spring 2022 before all the summer rain came. It, too, died to powdery mildew.

My rosemary is infested with whitefly but I think the mite infestation on my chilies was halted with application of liquid borax solution.
It happens sometimes. Admittedly, I didn't have much luck either this season, so it might've just been a bad spell in these areas. For some of them you might've been a little too early, when temperatures were still too hot too, which could've been part of the issue.
It can be normal not to get anything all season, depending on your situation. My tomatoes haven't flowered or grown any tomatoes in quite a while as the weather just hasn't been right. My beans are struggling with the weather too, most of them having died because of it sadly. Not that it's stopping me. I'm continueing the process and see what happens, I've got seeds for days, haha.

On rainy/cloudy days you can definitely water less. Some of my plants haven't been watered in 3 to 5 days because it's been that moist outside, it just hasn't evaporated. I'm actually getting a little worried for root rot because of that, but we'll wait and see.
Check your watering. Over watering plants is one of the most common reasons plants don't survive... they get a bit toooo much love from us humans sometimes. Do the finger test before you water - that is, stick your finger in the soil and if the soil at your finger tip is slightly moist, it probably doesn't need watering. If it's rather dry, it probably does need watering. Some plants need more water than others, some need less, so it is a bit of a learning experience, but the ones you listed, if you were watering one to two times a day, I'd suspect that was a bit too much too often. I grew too many beans this year, watered them once every second to third day and they survived and thrived (a little too well!), and I'm in a desert, so if my beans can overwhelm me with half the amount of water here, yours should do a lot better with a lot less water in Coffs. (side note: it hasn't rained enough to water anything in months, and I haven't watered the beans in more months than that and the darn things are still growing and producing! I need to rip them out completely, because no one I know wants any more beans, we're all sick of eating them! LOL)
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